By regular expression
meeting, assembly
CSOL I 480; CSOL II 396; LS 77
CSOL I 480; CSOL II 396
ted     تٞاد
to wait
LS 479; CSOL I 479; CSOL II 396
tef     تٞاف
to take refuge in God
CSOL I 479
to wake up (intransitive)
LS 444; CSOL I 675; CSOL II 610; Bulakh 2024:190; Bittner 1918a:36

Related to PCS *yḳṯ̣ ‘to wake’ with t-prefixation, well compatible with the reflexive meaning of the root (Bittner 1918a:36)

skin on milk
LS 205; CSOL I 686; CSOL II 619
étom     آٞتُم
to share, to do something together with someone
LS 78; CSOL I 479; Bulakh et al. 2021:276
tem     تٞام
to share something with somebody
Bulakh et al. 2021:273, 275
heaven, sky
LS 78; CSOL I 479
étor     آٞتُر
to approach, to come near
LS 78; CSOL I 479