By regular expression
ṭef     طٞاف
to give
LS 201; CSOL I 481; CSOL II 397 ; CSOL III
ṭaḥ     طَاح
to be exhausted
Bulakh et al. 2021:276; CSOL III
to meet its young for suckling (a cow); to drink its mother’s milk (a calf)
Bulakh et al. 2021:276
LS 202; CSOL I 681; CSOL II 615
to taste
LS 206; CSOL I 681
LS 206; CSOL II 614

aḷ-ˁad beʸh ṭáˁam ‘he/it is exhausted (lit. there is no taste in him/it anymore)’:

deʰ ḥéyhe di-boḳ aḷ-ˁad beʸh ṭáˁam ‘This man is very tired’ (field notes); deš ḳamíṣ di-feḳö́wo aḷ-ˁad bes ṭáˁam ‘This shirt has been worn (a lot), it is worn-out’ (field notes)

to transhume
LS 206; CSOL I 681; CSOL II 614; Naumkin–Kogan 2021 :529
temporary dweller
LS 206; CSOL I 681; Naumkin et al. 2013b:9; Bulakh 2022:210
to lie on one’s belly
Naumkin et al. 2013a:83; Kogan 2015:510
to reproach
LS 199; CSOL I 681; CSOL II 615