By regular expression
with black curly hair
Naumkin–Kogan 2021 :532
to shake (intrans.)
CSOL I 696
evil spirit
CSOL I 696
screen made of palm ribs
LS 155; CSOL II 631
to squeeze to each other, to be numerous
LS 155; Bulakh et al. 2021:281
to lift, to carry
LS 150; CSOL I 697; CSOL II 631

zégod/zéged nhɔfš ‘to go away’:
ṭahέroʰ zegέdoʰ nhɔfš ‘She left and disappeared’ (CSOL II 25:9).




to provide people coming to a feast with raw meat or other foodstuffs that they could bring home as gifs
LS 150; CSOL I 697
lifting, carrying
LS 150; CSOL II 631
to run calmly
LS 150; CSOL I 697
to bring animals down from mountains, to go down from the mountains to the plain, to transhume downwards
LS 151; CSOL I 697

Also used with transfigurative meaning ‘to rush down’:

zóhor ḫaṭár saľám ya mot ya ḥayá ‘He rushed to the sea willy-nilly, be it life or death’ (CSOL I 29:24)