By regular expression
keb     كٞاب
to make enter, to bring in
LS 59; CSOL I 468; CSOL II 383; Naumkin et al. 2015a:56
ked     كٞاد
to scare
LS 59; CSOL I 468 ; CSOL II 384
ker     كٞار
to add
Bulakh et al. 2021:241, 273
kes     كٞاس
to hide (intrans.)
LS 215; CSOL I 469; CSOL II 384
kobŝ     كُبْڛ
LS 214; CSOL I 574; CSOL II 497
to turn (transitive or intransitive)
LS 218, CSOL I 577, CSOL II 499
kɔn     كآن
to be
LS 215; CSOL I 583; CSOL II 506; Naumkin et al. 2015a:74

kɔn di- ‘to be (indeclinable) as if’:

wa-reḥábhen kɔn ʸheʰ di-ˀaḷ ŝíni ‘And Rehabhen pretended that he did not see (this) (lit. was as if he were someone who did not see).’ (CSOL I 3:11)

kɔn ho náˁaʰ di-ˀaḷ šö́baṭk ˁans ‘It was as if then I was not afraid of her.’ (CSOL II 17:15)


fáḥre tóˀo kɔn ‘all, in the entirety, all and every’:

ˁaf téken tóˀo moḥóyeṭ fáḥre tóˀo kánoʰ ‘...till it (the tree, that is, its branches) became like needles, all of it.’ (CSOL I 24:17) 

kɛn     كَان
color, shape, appearance
LS 215, CSOL I 579, CSOL II 501
wooden mouthpiece of the composite smoking pipe
CSOL I 580
to find; to meet
LS 225, CSOL I 581, CSOL II 504