By regular expression
keb     كٞاب
to make enter, to bring in
LS 59; CSOL I 468; CSOL II 383; Naumkin et al. 2015a:56
ked     كٞاد
to scare
LS 59; CSOL I 468 ; CSOL II 384
ker     كٞار
to add
Bulakh et al. 2021:241, 273
kes     كٞاس
to hide (intrans.)
LS 215; CSOL I 469; CSOL II 384
to fill in
LS 213; CSOL II 497
to be filled, to be full
LS 214; CSOL II 497
kobŝ     كُبْڛ
LS 214; CSOL I 574; CSOL II 497
1. to throw earth upon something, to bury; 2. to put something inside, to put in, bring in
CSOL I 575; CSOL II 497; Naumkin et al. 2015b:50–51; Bulakh et al. 2021:256; Naumkin–Kogan 2021 :530; Morris 2022:312
to be covered, buried, destroyed
Naumkin et al. 2015b:50–51; Naumkin–Kogan 2021 :530
to cut down a palm tree in order to feed one’s livestock with the core
Naumkin et al. 2016b:75