By regular expression
ref     رٞاف
1. to be ahead of; 2. to put something in the middle of something
Naumkin et al. 2019b:80; Bulakh et al. 2021:274–275
raḥ     رَاح
to bring
LS 74; CSOL I 476; CSOL II 392–393; Naumkin et al. 2015a:58

ľáraḥk áḷḷaʰ díyyeʰ ‘May God bring his good upon you!’ (broadly equivalent to ‘thank you!’)

ret     رٞات
to give as inheritance, to leave by will
Bulakh et al. 2021:275
ri     رِي
1. head; 2. top, upper part
LS 390; CSOL I 631; CSOL II 559; Naumkin et al. 2015a:81

men ri ‘from above’: (2b).

ḷe-ri di- ‘above, over (something)’: (2c).

ḷe-ri ‘above at the utmost point, at the zenith’: (2d).

rez     رٞاز
to treat wounds with warm water
raˁ     رَاع
to stand up
CSOL I 475
rotating hand-mill (two slabs on an axis)
LS 397 ; CSOL II 564
mountain ledge, open air stairs (natural or artificial)
CSOL I 636; CSOL II 566
a gecko (Haemodracon riebeckii)
Wranik 2003:508