By regular expression
ḥer     حٞار
to repel, to prevent from
CSOL I 468; CSOL II 383
grey (sheep)
LS 159; CSOL I 551
to put prickly branches on the top of a stone wall to make it impenetrable for livestock
CSOL I 553
water source
LS 177; Belozerova et al. 2023:566
to strangle
LS 183; Naumkin et al. 2014b:40, 57
bead, sprangle
LS 183
a little, few
LS 192

di-ḥarér(h)εn ‘few’: wa-kɔn tɔ́mer di-déḷaḳ wa-ḷe-ḳáṣi wa-ḷe-ríkit bíŝi έˀɛfo di-yenófeˁ kaḷ di-ḥarérɛn ‘There were a lot of dates, but at the time of the harvesting and trampling there were only few people who could work’ (field notes)

to bind, to tether (hind legs of a cow, to milk it)
LS 169; CSOL II 490