By regular expression
fe     فٞى
to pay
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fáḥre tóˀo kɔn ‘all, in the entirety, all and every’:

wa-ˁážeʰ kɔn mes gad wa-mes ŝérhon wa-mes ídi fáḥre tóˀo kɔn mabľúľ ‘As for the woman, all of her body, her feet, her hands, all of it became moist.’ (CSOL II 4:58)

to miss
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In Soqotri fəḳréro is the main designation of “neck”, it is applied to the external neck only. The word ḳar (LS 384) can be applied to both “neck” (external) and “throat”.

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frer     فرٞار
IV. to wake; to have a nocturnal conversation
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CSOL I 537
to be afraid
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