By regular expression
to help
LS 70; CSOL I 478; CSOL II 395
ṣeḷ     صٞاڸ
to add
LS 496; CSOL II 395; Naumkin et al. 2015a:85
strong, good (usually said of pieces of wood)
Naumkin et al. 2019b:83
to open one’s mouth repeatedly
Naumkin et al. 2019b:75; Naumkin et al. 2022:277, with fn. 91
ŝaḥ     ڛَاح
1. to open one’s mouth; 2. to pester, to annoy
LS 427; CSOL I 479
éte     آٞتٞى
1. to pass by; 2. to hit, to reach the mark (a thrown object)
LS 76; CSOL I 480; CSOL II 396
éte     آتٞى
to be given milk (a baby or a goat kid); to be able to be suckled (a baby or a goat kid)
CSOL I 679
to hit the mark
CSOL I 480; CSOL II 396
έti     آتِي
1. to tell; 2. to gather, to assemble (trans.)
LS 77; CSOL I 480; CSOL II 396
to reconcile (intrans.)
LS 77; CSOL II 396; Naumkin et al. 2013a:82