By regular expression
to meet
LS 297; CSOL I 488; CSOL II 405–406
to be dumb
LS 297–298; CSOL I 488

In the Vienna corpus, the verb is recorded with the meaning ‘to be stopped (flowing blood)’ (LS 298).

to shut
LS 297; Bulakh et al. 2021:241
1. girl; 2. daughter
LS 307; CSOL I 505; CSOL II 421; Naumkin et al. 2015a:62
to turn into, to become
LS 323; CSOL I 488; CSOL II 406
to pour from one vessel to another
to twist, to wind (transitive)
CSOL I 489
marriage agreement
CSOL I 489
to insult, to tease (usually by showing a middle finger)
1. to put; 2. to leave, to let stay
LS 323; CSOL I 489; CSOL II 406; Naumkin et al. 2015a:60

ˁö́ḳaḷ ṭáˁneʰ ‘to thrust, to pierce (lit. ‘to put a thrust’)’: ˁö́ḳaḷ ṭáˁneʰ díˀʸheʰ be-ḳáŝˁer ‘He thrust (a knife) into the skin vessel’ (CSOL I 26:116)

ˁö́ḳaḷ megzɛ́ḷeʰ ‘to leave something shameful after oneself’: ˁö́ḳaḷk megzɛ́ḷeʰ wa-ˀɛʰ teṭóhor ‘That’s a shame what you have left here! How can you go now?’ (CSOL I 6:45).

ˁö́ḳaḷ be-bɛr ‘to reveal, to make an expose of (lit. ‘to put in an open place’)’: wa-kúľľuhum fáttašu ṭahedédšen díˀʸhen kérˀḥaḷ wa-ˁéḳeḷ be-bɛr ‘Here they revealed to each other the places where their testicles had been and made clean’ (CSOL I 1:33).