By regular expression
a triangular wooden frame, empty in the middle, in which things can be preserved from goats and small children
to be fat
LS 332; CSOL I 502; CSOL II 419; Naumkin et al. 2016b:62-63
ˁeṭ     عٞاط
to swallow
LS 305; CSOL I 503; ad-Daˁrhi et al. 2019:553
ˁad     عَاد
to remain; a predicative element indicating the continuation of an action/state
LS 302; CSOL I 503; CSOL II 419; Naumkin et al. 2015a:62

aḷ-ˁad kaḷ ‘only, nothing else except’: 

aḷ-ˁad kaḷ seʰ di-šɛˀɛbídoʰ ḥaʰ fáḥre tóˀo kɔn ‘There was nothing but she (the snake) in that place, which she occupied in its entirety’ (CSOL I 24:14)

(de) di-ˁad ‘the remaining one(s)’: 

ẓ̂ábi tegmáḥ ḥaʰ wa-ẓ̂ábi tegmáḥ be-ˀed wa-ẓ̂ábi tegmáḥ be-ŝɔb wa-ẓ̂ábi be-deʰ di-ˁad kaḷ ri ‘Let her catch me here, let her catch my hand, let her catch my foot, let her catch anything else except my head’ (CSOL I 18:30)


ˁod     عُاد
to walk, to go
LS 301; CSOL I 504; CSOL II 420; Naumkin et al. 2015a:62

ˁod ḷe-rího ‘to go to fetch water’:

hóhon óˁod ḷe-rího ‘I am going to fetch water’ (Bulakh et al. 2021:241)

ˁod be-rébneʰ ‘to follow advice’:

ˁod ˁouyέghɛn be-rébneʰ di-ˀíˀḥitš wa-ḷeteˁéʸhen fáḥre ‘The boy followed the advice of his sister, and he killed them alľ (CSOL II 30:25)

ˁag     عَاج
1. man; 2. husband; 3. someone
LS 307; CSOL I 505; CSOL II 421
ˁayg     عَيْج
to help an animal to give birth
Naumkin et al. 2019b:89
time for bearing, for bringing forth issue (about animals)
Naumkin–Kogan 2021 :533, fn. 1; CSOL III
1. boy; 2. son
LS 307; CSOL I 505; CSOL II 421; Naumkin et al. 2015a:62