By regular expression
to try to find
CSOL I 465
daḥ     دَاح
to put, to leave
LS 125; CSOL I 465; CSOL II 379
resin of the dragon blood tree mixed with bark remains
LS 52; CSOL II 379; Morris 2022:313-314
light-brown (cow)
CSOL I 465; Naumkin et al. 2015b:41
LS 53; CSOL I 466; CSOL II 379
édok     آٞدُك
to knock, to beat
LS 53; CSOL II 379
sound of knocking, beating
LS 53; CSOL II 379
to be heavy
LS 54; CSOL I 465; CSOL II 379
deḳ     دٞاق
to overload
Bulakh et al. 2021:271–272

deḳ ḷe- ‘load too much upon’

der     دٞار
to dwell, to stay
LS 530; CSOL I 530; CSOL II 380; Naumkin et al. 2015a:67