basic morphological information


as well, too
LS 72; CSOL I 476; CSOL II 392
text examples

ľifzáˁ éľbebk... ľifzáˁ éľbebk έˀɛrho ‘”May your heart be stricken with fear!”... “May your heart, too, be stricken with fear!”’ (CSOL II 23:38–39)

éʸhork mésen ouzhéten ˁaf ˁamḳ di-ḥaḷf ˁógiľ ḥe ˁag di-yetɛbíľin ʸhéˀerho érhon ‘I was going after some of my goats. Midway along, I met a man who was also gathering up his goats’ (CSOL II 12:16

morphological notes

Postclitic attached to personal pronouns.


The etymology of this enclitic element is uncertain. Leslau (LS 72) may be right to identify it with Jibbali ar. The Jibbali particle features a variety of meanings (among them, ‘really, indeed’), but no formal overlap with the Soqotri usage (attachment to personal pronouns: “he-as-well”) is in evidence.